Great Keelung
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About Keelung

Project Introduction
It is one of the eight main axes of the "National Forward-looking Infrastructure Design Painting": "Urban and Rural Construction-Cultural Life Circle Construction Design Painting", which belongs to the subsidy program under the "Reconstruction of Historical Sites" of the Ministry of Culture.
Granted by the Cultural Assets Bureau of the Ministry of Culture, the space covers three areas: Heping Island, the Shawan area on the east coast and the living area on the west coast, a total of 53 sub-projects.
The implementation period of the plan is from 2017 to 2021.
Goal Vision
Cooperate with the Ministry of Culture to implement the core concept of "strengthen cultural power and promote cultural participation", break the single point, single building, and case-based preservation of cultural assets in the past, and propose "recreating historical sites" as a "major public construction investment plan" .The core values of the Grand Keelung historical scene reconstruction integration plan are:
1. From the time-space section of major historical events that occurred in Keelung, construct the value of connection with modern society.
2. Connect the story scenes of Keelung's development over four hundred years, and construct a historically in-depth environmental education textbook.
Push Direction
1. With scarce and dense monumental buildings as the basis of historical space narrative.
2. Reflect multiple historical and cultural values and promote ethnic integration.
3. Highlight Keelung’s unique geographical background and character, and increase the citizen's group identity and sense of glory.
4. Through the reproduction of the urban cultural space, the broken urban space is stitched together.
5. Looking forward to the public participation of civil society and opening a window for international dialogue.